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All catz and dogz litters will be listed here! Please keep in mind many of the litters will be inbred and tree-trimmed. 

Unless otherwise noted, all petz are P3/P4 compatible!



* Keep Ferret's in the prefix.

* Feel free to change the name/hex eyelids/change gender.

* MPA or return if no longer wanted.

* Please do not put up for downloadable adoption.


Please email with the following form filled out to adopt!



Pet wanted:

Application (Optional):




Aria x Percival







Rayon  - Linen  - Acrylic  - Chevron 


Not a lot of eye color variation, but so much mini-ness! Included Linen because she's so pretty. 




Big changes! Updated layout again, added hexies to the archive, and changed the crew page layout. Some pages are a WIP.



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